This is a debate that boils down to preference. You always hear people who like the real trees brag about the wonderful pine smell but the rebuttal for artificial trees has been growing in popularity. Here are the Pros and Cons of both options:
Artificial Christmas Tree


  1. Helps you save money since you only purchase once and use for multiple years.
  2. Convenient set up.


  1. Most artificial trees are made from PVC plastic which release dioxins overtime. These have been thought to lead to some cases of cancer and other health issues.
  2. They are made from non- biodegradable material.
  3. More of a fire hazard than real trees.

Real Christmas Trees:


  1. Most trees are sold by farmers in the US. This helps employ over 100,000 workers!
  2. The tree farms generate clean air and sheltered habitats for wildlife. 1-3 trees are planted for everyone cut down in the following spring.
  3. The fresh scent of pin or balsam fir!
  4. They are biodegradable and most cities provide recycling programs.


  1. Yearly expense of buying a tree.
  2. High maintenance—water intake and needle droppings on the ground.

There you have it. The Pros and Cons of both “ real” and “ fake” Christmas trees. What side are you on? Trees 4 Sure Experts are happy to answer any other questions you may have regarding tree care, tree removal or pruning services. Call us today to schedule your free quote or visit our website.

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