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One thing is for sure, we know trees. Trees 4 Sure is licensed and insured to offer an experienced climber to handle your needs both efficiently and safely. Also, for around the clock emergencies, we provide a 24/7 storm response program.

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Here are the services that we offer:

  • Tree Cutting and Removal Services
  • Tree Pruning and Trimming Services
  • Palm Tree Trimming
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Emergency and Storm Services including a 24/7 Storm Response Program
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Tree Maintenance

We provide basic tree maintenance because we believe in its importance to a tree’s health. We uncross or remove dead and broken limbs along with low branches. We also ensure that there is a good irrigation system to provide your trees with water for long life. Our team will look for pests and disease that might be a risk to the tree’s health, as well as trimming and pruning services to keep your trees healthy and looking good through every season.

For those unreachable trees, we offer crane services where a professional climber partners with a crane to tackle the tallest trees.

Tree Removal Service

Our professionals can assess the need for tree removal services by determining the answer to a few questions, including:

  • Is this tree a danger to people or surroundings?
  • Will its removal enhance the environment?
  • Does the tree offer historical or significant value to location or community?

Tree removal can be dangerous, so it is important to hire a professional with the knowledge and skills to execute the process safely.


Emergency and Storm Services

Severe weather including ice, snow, high temperatures, and high winds are leading causes of damage to trees. These elements can affect parts of the tree or the whole tree itself. If possible, our team will remove the damaged sections and preserve the long-term life of the tree. However, if that is not possible, they will remove the tree altogether to ensure safety to you and surrounding property.


24/7 Storm Response Program

Often, emergencies arise at the most inconvenient times. No need to worry –we have a team available 24/7 to dispatch whenever you have a tree emergency.

Santa Rosa Beach, FL (850) 832-6871


“Craig and his team did a great job trimming all our trees and removing one that was in the way of our future fence! He is very knowledgeable and told us our trees just needed trimming when we thought some would need removed. He is very nice and professional and made sure everything was cleaned up afterward. We also felt we got a very fair rate on all the work. Highly recommended!”

Tony Farr


“Trees 4 Sure has been out to help me multiple times. They have taken trees down for me as well as pruned up a few. They are always very professional and go the extra mile when needed. I’ve never had to clean up any messes because they take it all with them or put the wood where I ask them to. Craig is always so polite and courteous. Trees4Sure is my go to company when I need tree work. I highly recommend them!”

Denise Peterson Davis


“In the midst of all the chaos from hurricane Michael.. they were very kind & worked really hard. They did a great job getting the trees off my house & gave me the best price around. These guys are great.. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing trees removed. Again thanks guys!!!!!”

Ashlei Haynes


“I was very impressed with Craig and his crew. Very professional, friendly and accommodating. Very pleased with the price also. I highly recommend Trees 4 Sure!”

Kathy Honeycutt


“Consider your job done the best way and always the right way”

Joshua Arastus Evans



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