If you thought this spring was a hot one, just wait for summer! There are plenty of benefits to trees that provide shade especially on a hot day. Here are some of our favorite trees that will help keep your family cool this summer and even Fido, too!


1. California Sycamores

These trees grow to be about 80 ft tall and provide shade through the summer as well as the winter. It is a quick growing tree that is known to withstand inclement weather. California Sycamores thrive in damp soil environments. Please not that these trees have an aggressive root system. They should have at least a 12-foot radius from any surrounding objects. Those objects could include but are not limited to sidewalks and streets.

2. Northern Red Oaks

This classic will grow up to 75 feet tall and produce a spread of 45 feet around. Despite the dense crown, this tree will offer a good amount of shade. It has the ability to grow in almost any condition imaginable. From wide open fields to the crowded sidewalks in the city, the soil quality doesn’t damper the growth one bit.

3. Tulip Trees

A rapid growing tree that will reach 70 feet or more with a spread of 40 feet. The tree received the name tulip since the leaves are shaped similar to the flower. You can expect this tree to bloom in the Spring and stay full until turning yellow in the fall.

4. Weeping Willows

This willow is easily recognized for the long sweeping branches. Most will grow to about 40 feet tall and have a spread of 35 feet around. These trees thrive near water rich areas and partial sunlight environments.

5. Willow Oaks

The willow oak has a bright foliage in the summer and dull coloring in the fall. It can grow in a dry soil environment and prefers to have access to an area that provides full sunlight. These usually grow to be 60 feet tall. Thanks to its spear shaped leaves and oval shape it provides a large amount of shade and is capable of even blocking the sun.

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While these are just a few of our favorites, feel free to visit The Arbor Day Foundation to research more about a specific tree in mind or contact your local Trees 4 Sure expert today! We want to help keep you and your family cool and safe this summer.

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