Back in the day, when seasons changed, Autumn leaves were known as the Fall trademark. Today, we are alerted to the season change when pumpkin spice products become available. While the leaves don’t get as much attention as combination of cinnamon, ginger nutmeg flavor, they are still a season favorite for many people.

It all starts with a process that we learned in fifth grade. Do you remember photosynthesis? A tree’s leaves will change color when the leaf has less chlorophyll present. Chlorophyll is the key to a plants ability to turn sunlight into glucose otherwise known as tree-food. Most commonly the leaves will appear green in the spring and summer when heavily populated with chlorophyll cells. Without chlorophyll, the leaf is a variety of gold, red, orange, and brown.

Of course, the colors of the leaves are followed by them falling off the tree. Trees shed their leaves in order to protect themselves during the winter. They close off any passageways that carry nutrients to and from leaves with a layer of cells forming at the leaf stem. This ultimately kills the leaf and causes it to fall to the ground. These leaves will then turn into nutrients for the next spring season.

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