While you may dread cleaning up the yard because of fallen leaves, you shouldn’t let them go to waste in the landfill. Fallen leaves provide numerous benefits to your lawn and garden.

1. Fall’s tree leaves are the best for compost!

Leaves offer nutrients to plants and insulation from cold. They can be used to lighten up heavy soils as well as help to retain moisture in sandy soils. Leaves also provide carbon that can balance the nitrogen in your compost pile.

2. Aeration and compaction of the soil

Composting allows water and oxygen to get to your trees and other plants. It also reduces compaction and the amount of irrigation you need to sustain the health of the plant.

3. Reversed soil conditions

The biological and chemical effects of composts can improve the soil rhizosphere, reversing degradation trends to start-off the soil restoration process. Compost is dark, rich, nourishing, end-product of a concentrated decomposition process that you need in your garden and for the health of your trees.

4. Save Money

Instead of using chemical fertilizers that tend to have a negative impact on local wildlife and the ability to disrupt the natural ecosystem, try using leaves as composts. You can save money that would have been spent on fertilizers and other soil additives.

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