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Florida’s climate may not produce freezing weather or frost often, but you should still consider the possibility. When the climate drops it becomes damaging for the grass, trees and plants that normally thrive in the warmer weather. Here are some helpful tips for you to prepare your tree for fall and winter:


Don’t use fertilizer after October.

Most of the time grass will go dormant in the winter and there will be no need to fertilize. It will also start growing at a slower rate and won’t require as much water in cooler weather. However, if you notice record high temperatures for the season, you might want to water your grass until it starts to cool off again.


Pruning is best done during the fall.

The best time of the year to prune deciduous trees would be in the fall. Once the leaves have all been shed its easier to see where to make the correct cuts for the dead branches. If you have evergreen trees, you can prune those at any time during the year.

Also, if you have a tree that produces flowers or fruit then you should prune a month before the weather gets cooler. If there is any frost damage, then you should leave it until Spring. If you remove it too soon then the next freeze will increase the damage even more. The dead material will actually act as a layer of protection at this point.


Hydrate your trees in the Fall

Before the cold comes through its always important to hydrate your trees. however, if you continue to water your tree during the colder weather you will expose it to a harsher freeze.


Time to plant NEW trees

Fall is the perfect opportunity for you to plant new trees. The temperature is cooler, and the risk of drought and sun scorching is low. This will increase the time a tree has to build root mass and prepare for the winter season.

As we approach the cooler seasons, keep in mind the actions you should take to prepare your trees and lawn. Our services are available to you for your convenience. Please call or visit our website to schedule receive your free quote today!