Nobody likes to be sick. So why would you let your tree get a disease or illness? A sick tree can and will cause more danger than you think for the environment and those in it. If you are not fast acting it may also spread to other trees and plants in the area.

There are three categories where the disease will form and produce symptoms or signs:


  • Foliage: You may start to see leaf spots, blights, foliage rusts, needle casts, mildews that seem powdery, molds and leaf blisters.
  • Stem: These signs will include things like galls, cankers, fungi and other vascular wilts.
  • Root: Infections of the root usually interfere with the tree growth, stability and survival.

Here are common tree diseases you might notice in Florida:

Fusiform Rust:

Known as one of the most destructive diseases for pine trees, Fusiform Rust causes cigar-shaped galls on the main stem of the tree. loblolly and slash pine are the most susceptible species to this infection. On older trees this may appear to be canker – like even.


Brown Spot Needle Blight

This disease targets the longleaf pine. It will delay the growth of the seedlings and small dots will appear on the needs varying in color from yellow to light brown. Often times it will look like it was scorched from high heat.


Annosus Root Disease

This disease will enter the tree through a wound and will cause delayed growth. This will often lead to the tree dying over time. Trees with ARD are more prone to windthrow and breakage due to the weakened state.

If you have noticed these signs or any other concerning things about your tree, call Trees 4 Sure to set up your first free appointment today! We want to ensure that your trees are healthy and prevent any diseases from spreading before it’s too late.