It’s that time of year that thunderstorms or heavy rain just pop up. Sometimes they can stick around for days to weeks on end. It is also Hurricane Season which usually leaves behind lots of flooding as well. As a homeowner, you probably won’t think of your trees first when there is serious flooding in your area, however, you should!

While floods are catastrophic to your home, belongings and the people in that area any kind of standing water and flooding are also harmful to the plants, trees and other living things in the surrounding environment.

The water causes poor soil aeration, affects the PH levels of the soil and slows down the decomposition rate of organic matter. These all will decrease the amount of oxygen and food that the tree is able to receive through the soil. Flooding will also expose the roots which could lead to instability of the tree all together.

A warning sign that your tree is not well could be that the leaves begin falling in large quantities. This is usually because of depleted nutrients and an increase in the PH level of the soil. The leaves can also turn brown and branches become brittle. When it doesn’t start producing new foliage or branches then your tree is not healthy, and it is time to take action.

Call your local Trees 4 Sure Expert to set up your complementary appointment today. After accessing the state of your tree, we can offer the best solution for your situation. In the case that your tree needs to be removed, we are equipped to handle small to large trees. We also provide a 24/4 Emergency Storm Service for any urgent tree issues that may occur.

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