Say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring! The trees are beginning to blossom and share their beauty. However, with warmer weather comes undesired pests. Join us as we explore and identify common spring insects and how they are affecting your trees. To start out, here are two common Southern insects you might find on your trees:

Box Elder Bug

The box elder bug infests maple and seed-bearing box elder trees and occasionally the fruit of plum and apple trees. These bugs are easy to spot on the ground or feeding from the foliage of host trees. While these bugs congregate on plants, they will invade buildings and become a nuisance as the weather gets colder.

Elm Leaf Beetles

Have you noticed your Elm tree’s leaves beginning to turn brown or falling early? Perhaps you have Elm Leaf beetles. These insects eat the leaves of Elm trees specifically and generally will not kill the tree by themselves, only weaken it. This leaves it vulnerable to other diseases and damage.

If you have noticed these insects on your trees, call (850) 832-6871 or (404) 596-9729 to schedule an appointment today. Trees 4 Sure can provide you with a tree evaluation and offer a treatment plan. Don’t let these symptoms go untreated. Be on the lookout for Part 2 of our Spring insect series.

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