This is our second blog post in our Spring insects series. In efforts to keep your tree healthy we are helping you identify common insects that are affecting trees in your area.

Scale Insects

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Ants, bees, flies and wasps fall into the category called scale insects. These are the worst pests for a tree because they will attach themselves to leaves, twigs and fruit from the host robbing it of nutrients. They will also leave behind sticky waste. A common sign to look for are leaves turning yellow, twig die back and if your tree looks like it is dehydrated.


Similar to the scale insects, aphids feed on the tree leaves and stems leaving a “honeydew” substance behind. This substance prevents growth and causes curly leaves.

The Emerald Ash Borer

North American Ash trees are targeted by these insects primarily. The emerald ash borer bores into the tree and eats the tissue beneath the bark. This will ultimately result in the tree dying after a few years. When sections of your tree’s canopy dies or the bark is split vertically you have active emerald ash borers.

If you have noticed these insects on your trees, call (850) 832-6871 or (404) 596-9729 to schedule an appointment today. Trees 4 Sure can provide you with a tree evaluation and offer a treatment plan. Don’t let these symptoms go untreated.

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