Do you have a tree that is taller than you would prefer? Maybe your tree gives too much shade and you want to increase the sunlight exposure. The management practice commonly used in these situations is called tree topping. While there are some instances that this might be necessary there are times when it causes more damage then good.

Tree topping is a service that is exactly that, cutting off the top of the tree. The most common reasons that people choose to top trees are to fix an electrical wire interference, shorten tall trees near the home, or to prevent storm damage such as a tree falling. While these all sound like good reasons to top trees, it is leaving the tree and the environment around it prone to damage.

When the tree is topped, it is ultimately reducing the limbs which may create an access point for disease and decay to begin. Some may rebuttal this argument with the fact that the tree will grow new limbs in place of the old. However, the new limbs won’t be as strong against a storm which will create possible damage. Even if the new branches survive storms, they will grow to be the same as the branches that were just removed. Also, with the removal of leaves there is a decrease in food source for the tree. Despite having a shortage in food, the tree will still grow new branches.

Most tree topping cases create a cycle and often lead to removing the tree all together. However, if you have any of the instances above where you would like to have your tree adjusted for the safety of your property and those living on it, we are experts on this topic. We can prune your tree properly to reduce the height and ensure the health of the tree. Call (850) 832-6871 and ask to speak with your local Trees4Sure expert to set up an appointment for your free estimate today.

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