Below you will find the important techniques and process of tree trimming.

Step 1: Locate the branch collar which grows from stem tissue at the base of the branch.

Step 2: Keep in mind that you want to always cut from outside the branch bark ridge. Make sure that the cut is angled down and away from the stem.

Step 3: Place a notch the side of the stem that faces away from the branch you intend to retain

Step 4: The second cut will be on the inside angle of the branch and above the branch ridge.

Step 5: Lastly you will remove the stub by thoroughly cutting through the stem.

These steps can be used to trim dead and living branches. However, always call tree cutting professionals, like Trees 4 Sure, to take care of any large or out of reach branches for your personal safety. We also provide tree trimming and Tree pruning services, so you don’t have to! Call (850) 832-6871 or (404) 596-9729 to schedule an appointment today.

Some terms you may not have known:

Branch Collar: A branch collar forms at the base of a branch where it is attached to its parent branch or to the tree’s trunk.

Branch Bark Ridge: Tree branches grow outward from the main trunk of the tree (as opposed to a fork in the stem). When a tree branches, it forms a branch collar and a branch bark ridge.

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