Evergreen trees keep your landscape and surroundings beautiful while other trees turn colors and lose their leaves during the autumn and winter months. If you notice that from the bottom all the way to the top, your tree gets weaker and starts turning brown your pine, cedar, juniper or spruce is dying! Here are some signs that your evergreen needs our help:

• Needle Loss

Evergreens generally shed their oldest needles in the developmental process and that is normal behavior. Before dropping to the ground, the needles located closest to the trunk turns brown or yellow. However, if there is no needle development at the beginning of spring, it’s a sign that the tree has a problem.

• Tree browning due to pests or disease

Pests and diseases can attack trees which usually results in leaves being shed or turning brown. The pine beetle disease is one of the most common insect infestations to attack evergreens. They can attack the tree from the inside which creates small holes. Another disease is cytospora canker which will leave bulges on the branches. If you suspect that any disease has infected the tree, it’s better to stop the spread as early as possible. Therefore, get in contact with a Trees 4 Sure specialist that will diagnose the issue and determine the best course of action.


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• Water Sources

A trees roots may become damaged due to dryness of the soil or drought-like conditions. This can cause the bottom needles to die, or the leaves turn to brown. Extreme heat and freezing temperatures can be the cause of stress. These weather conditions can hinder the uptake of water and nutrients causing the tree to look sickly and brownish.

On the other hand, if the tree does not get enough oxygen needed for photosynthesis when it is exposed to flooding or standing water. This situation can damage the roots, and the needles may die at a faster rate.

The solution to any tree issue comes down to two things: prevention and maintenance. Our Trees 4 Sure Tree Experts will help you diagnose the problem and recommend the right action to take. Give us a call today for tree removal, trimming and pruning services in the Santa Rosa Beach, FL or surrounding areas.